Sudanese Judge Upholds Wrongful Eviction of Pastors from Home


Date:  December 22, 2017

Sudan (Morning Star)

Two pastors in Sudan were wrongfully evicted from their church-owned homes, which an Islamist judge has just upheld by rejecting their appeal. As these two pastors, along with their families, navigate homelessness, another appeal has been brought to the high court with hopes of a ruling by the end of the year. Another 60 Christians ended up in court after refusing to give up their properties. These are just some of the forms of persecution that Christians face in Sudan.

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  • Pray that the pastors and their families that were forced out of their homes would receive a favorable ruling.
  • Pray that these families would be able to keep their property that the government is trying to take from them.
  • Pray for the protection of Christian minorities in Sudan.

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