Fulani Militants Kill 100 Christians in Nigeria

Source:  www.persecution.org

Date:  December 22, 2017

Nigeria (Christian Post)

Fulani militants continue to wreak havoc wherever they go. After militants “raped and murdered a pregnant woman belonging to the predominantly Christian Numan community...and also killed her husband and brother when they tried to [intervene],” tensions between Christians and the Fulani militants increased. World reported that those in the community attempted a counterattack, but were ambushed instead. Militants killed over 100 Christians, and it is thought that they had help from the military. 

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  • Pray for the Christians in Nigeria who have endured years of persecution at the hands of this group.
  • Pray that Christians would be protected from this group.
  • Pray that the Nigerian government would show diligent efforts to protect minorities.

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