MYANMAR – Military blockade bringing suffering to Kachin Christian


Date:  December 21, 2017

Kachin Christians in northern Myanmar are suffering because of a military blockade that has cut food and fuel supplies to the town.

A local church leader in Tanai, in northern Kachin state, told journalists that the military has been restricting deliveries of rice and fuel to the town for months. Some of the worst affected are Christians, who have already been displaced. Many of them are sheltering in churches in the town.

Many thousands of Kachin Christians have been displaced by attacks by the Myanmar military

The army’s blockade is supposedly targeted at Kachin rebel groups, who have been fighting a long-running conflict with the government. The military’s brutal tactics have displaced tens of thousands of ethnic minority Kachin people, many of whom are Christian. Soldiers have desecrated and destroyed churches and committed grave human rights violations against civilians.

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