2017 December

Vietnam: Church told to take down Christmas nativity scene
Pakistan: Ominous threat accompanies suicide attack
Pakistan: mourners bury 11 killed in Quetta church suicide attack, as 50 injured
Azerbaijan: Baptist leader pays fine but continues challenge to religious freedom
Pope meets evangelical leaders to strengthen religious freedom
Central Asian churches may face more restrictions
BREAKING: Pakistan Church Attack Kills Nine, Injures 60
Muslim Fulani Kidnappers Ravage Village in Kaduna State, Nigeria
Suicide Attack on Church in Pakistan Darkens Christmas Celebrations
BELARUS – Christians fined for singing and distributing religious literature
INDONESIA – Islamists tell Muslims to only vote for Muslim politicians to “defend Islam”
IRAQ – Christians cannot return home without international protection
PAKISTAN – Government surrenders to demands of Islamist protestors over “blasphemy”
SYRIA – More than 120 churches destroyed by Islamists
MIDDLE EAST – Senator Rubio calls for action to help Middle Eastern Christians
EGYPT – Islamic State uses fake news to call for Christmas attacks on Christian
Why are Chile’s churches under attack?
Sweden opens church for 5,000 Christians who fled Middle East
‘Crimes against humanity’ in North Korea’s prison camps
India carol singers arrested for ‘trying to convert people to Christianity’
‘Discreet and systematic persecution of Christians’ in Sudan
US Embassy move in Israel: backlash targets overlooked group
Chinese Nationals Warn of Attacks by 'Terrorists' in Pakistan
Christians in Nigeria Complain About Gov't Negligence
Blasphemy in Pakistan Found Innocent
Thousands in Kachin State Suffering Under Blockade
Man Flees as Violence Against Christians Rises in Mali
A Thousand Mourners Bid Farewell to Slain Filipino Priest
Pope And Evangelicals Tackle Persecution Of Christians
‘Pakistan Christian Inmate Dies After Torture’

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