2017 December

India’s top Catholic on Hindutva attacks: ‘country being divided on basis of religious belief’
Adding insult to injury – Pakistani church leaders arrested, fined for ‘not putting security in place’
Egypt teenager’s murder ‘aimed to intimidate Copts ahead of Christmas’, says his pastor
Hope rises out of the rubble for refugees returning to Iraq
Religious freedom in China: a mixed bag
Egypt: ‘Let them live to tell the story’- boys who saw dad die on the monastery road
Egypt: After 12 years of delays, new church for Copts, who agree to drop arson claims
India: Victorious Dalit activist shows increased opposition to BJP
Kenya coastal region on alert for Christmas attacks by Al-Shabaab
China: Christmas banned by university’s communists
Nepal: future of religious tolerance uncertain with looming anti-conversion law
Aid Rushed To Thousands Of Egypt Christians After Attacks
‘Muslim Militants Kill 90 Christians In Nigeria’
Hindu Extremists Block, Disrupt Large-Scale Prayer Service in India
Christian Community Recognized by Pakistani Leader
Ugandan Man Beaten for Converting to Christianity
Sudanese Judge Upholds Wrongful Eviction of Pastors from Home
Christmas Carolers in India Beaten, Then Arrested
Pakistan Tightens Security Following Church Bombing
Fulani Militants Kill 100 Christians in Nigeria
IRAQ – No justice for Christian genocide survivors in prosecutions of former IS fighters
CHINA – University bans Christmas
MYANMAR – Military blockade bringing suffering to Kachin Christian
UK: Prince of Wales describes persecution of Christians as ‘barbaric’
Iran: Four Christian converts detained after police raid houses and businesses
Police Complicit in Hindu Extremist Attack in Tamil Nadu, India, Sources Say
BREAKING: Iran Christians Detained; Church Leaders Await Outcome Appeal
Christmas Devotion and Updates
Indian ‘converted by carol singers’ now claims membership of militant Hindu group
Indonesian Christians oppose new Jakarta Governor’s Christmas event

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