INDONESIA – Ahok accuser convicted of hate speech


Date:  November 24, 2017

The Muslim man who first accused the Christian former governor of Jakarta of “blasphemy” and posted a deliberately edited video online has been sentenced to 18 months in jail. Buni Yani “selectively edited” a speech by “Ahok” Tjahaha Purnama – in which the Christian politician refuted Islamist claims that the Quran does not allow non-Muslims to govern Muslims – and posted it on Facebook in 2016, along with comments which triggered mass protests by Islamists and calls for Ahok to be charged with “blasphemy.” Ahok was subsequently tried and jailed for two years.

A district court in West Java ruled last week (14 November) that Buni Yani’s editing of the video breached cyber laws and his comments against Ahok on social media constituted hate speech.

One lawyer for the Christian former governor, who had been on course to secure re-election until the “blasphemy” allegation surfaced, stated, “In light of this ruling, Ahok should not have been punished at all.”

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