2017 November

PHILIPPINES – Civilians murdered in Marawi siege “nearly all Christians”
IRAQ – Shia militias open Muslim schools in churches
News Briefs from Israel
Iran: Christian convert loses appeal against 10-year sentence for ‘missionary activities’
What makes Pakistan’s small religious minorities so significant?
Russian Patriarch and UK archbishop call for greater support for persecuted Christians
Vietnam’s religion policy and practice – contradictions continue
Iranian Christian convert released on bail days after threat of ‘indefinite’ incarceration
Indonesia: Ahok’s accuser found guilty of hate speech
Christians in India Praise God in Spite of Police Brutality, Month in Jail
Nigeria: Kebbi State Plans to Create Settlement for Fulani Herders
Nigerian President Vows to Rescue Remaining Chibok Girls
Concerns Increase that ISIS Will Spread in Middle East, North Africa
French Court Bans Nativity Displays in Public Buildings
Kenyan Church Burned Down Over Land Dispute
Bartella Christians Worry About City’s Shiafication
Iraq and Philippines Christians join Red Wednesday religious freedom solidarity display
How serious is Saudi Arabia about religious freedom?
Iranian Christian converts ‘to be detained indefinitely’
US paves the way for tighter sanctions on North Korea
Accuser of Five Church Leaders in Sudan Fails to Appear for Court Hearing – Again
Chinese officials kidnap, threaten to kill human rights lawyer
Burma (Myanmar): Pastors' Appeal Imminent
Egypt: ISIS ‘the greatest preacher for Christianity in the world’
Iraq: Basra Christians living in ‘deep fear and mistrust’
US designating Pakistan a ‘Country of Particular Concern’ would be ‘ineffective’
Mauritania: death penalty for blasphemy ‘even if they repent’
Zimbabwe in turmoil following political upheaval
Universal Children’s Day: Kidnapped Christina receives letter from German namesake
US tells Sudan to ‘immediately suspend’ church demolitions

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