2017 November

Nigeria: girl, 13, kidnapped to be converted to Islam, freed four days later
Kazakhstan Baptist convicted for refusing to pay state ‘expert’ to analyse his Christian books
Nigeria: UK optician kidnapped and killed in Niger Delta, three other medical aid workers rescued
US: Search for answers begins in the Sutherland Springs aftermath
“Persecution has finally come to America,” says international journalist, Dan Wooding
Advocacy for Christians returning to Northern Iraq
Hindu Extremists Beat Pastor Unconscious in Southern India after 'Miraculous' Conversions
BREAKING NEWS: Dozens Killed In Shooting At US Baptist Church In Texas
Human rights lawyer criminally detained on unspecified charges
Eritrean Christians told to remove crosses as schools forced to go public
Iran MPs seek to change law so voters can only vote for candidates from their own religion
Dozens killed as Islamist violence erupts again in eastern DRC
Egypt church reopened after 22 years seen by some as gesture to US
Iraq: Nineveh Christians still talk of emigration, despite Iraqi-Kurd peace agreement
Letter writing campaign encourages persecuted believers from North Korea
IDOP Sunday; pray with FMI
BREAKING NEWS: Elderly Christian Man Accused Of Blasphemy Dies In Pakistan
Two Christians Arrested on False Charges of Forced Conversion
Christian Worshipers Harassed in Egypt, Pelted With Rocks
ISIS Releases Some Syrian Hostages, But Keeps 19 Others Captive
Christians Protest Inaction Following Church Robbery
Al-Shabaab Claims 20 Lives in Attack in Mogadishu
ISIS Claims Its First Attack in Nigeria
TURKEY – Erdogan cleric sees a future single Muslim state where non-Muslims will pay jizya
EGYPT – Muslim extremist mob attack more churches
Kidnapped 9 months ago in broad daylight, where is Malaysian pastor Raymond Koh?
India ‘not a country for Christians’ but Minister says they’re ‘safe under Modi’
‘Pakistan’s blasphemy law here to stay’ – Minister of Religious Affairs
Nigeria: cattle-grazing ban seeks to end Fulani violence
Kazakhstan releases Christian imprisoned ‘as message to Muslims thinking about converting’

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