Sudan Arrests Another Pastor in Omdurman


Date:  September 29, 2017

Sudan (Morningstar News)

A Sudanese pastor, Elder Mahjoub Abotrin, was arrested after refusing to let the government take leadership of his church, the Sudanese Church of Christ.  It is unclear if he was charged with anything, but he was later released.  This happened one month after many other church leaders were arrested for not complying with a government directive to hand over their churches to government control.  “None of them so far [have given up control of their churches] as it is completely illegal for the government to require them to.”

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  • Pray that these pastors who have been arrested would remain strong in their faith.
  • Pray for Sudanese churches in general as the government seeks more control over them.
  • Pray for wisdom among church leaders as they deal with this issue.

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