US Efforts to Assist Those in North Korea Cross a Major Hurdle


Date:  September 29, 2017

Under the North Korean regime, many have fled the country looking for a better life elsewhere.  This has led the US to act on behalf of those fleeing their country to provide humanitarian aid.  The “North Korea Human Rights Reauthorization Act” will go to the Senate with the hopes of the bill being passed quickly.  In the words of Congressman Ed Royce, the Kim regime wants to “pose a mortal threat to the United States...But in facing this reality, we cannot afford to forget the regime’s greatest victim and longest-held hostage:  The North Korean people themselves.”

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  • Pray that those fleeing their country would have the provisions they need.
  • Pray for other countries to be able to offer the necessary humanitarian aid to those who need it. 
  • Pray for US leaders to have wisdom as they deal with North Korean threats.

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