INDIA – Hindu mob try and use children to incriminate pastor


Date:  September 28. 2017

A mob of about 30 Hindu extremists armed with sticks invaded a church service in Faridabad, a city south-east of New Delhi, on Sunday 3 September. Members of the mob handed children a leaflet and forced them to be photographed holding it, before they dragged the pastor, Abraham Thomas, to a police station. The mob accused Thomas of forcibly converting children and showed police the images they had taken – the leaflet the children were holding incited communal violence and included the line, “Let us use guns to shoot all the Hindus.”

Thankfully, Thomas was able to convince police to dismiss the allegations, as he is from a different region and did not even understand the whole contents of the leaflet the Hindus claimed he had given out.

The Hindu mob have nevertheless succeeded in stopping Christians meeting at the church, Pastor Abraham Thomas told Global Christian News, “My church is shut down and I have not conducted any service since then. Do we as Christians ever enter a Hindu temple … levying allegations on the priest and demanding explanations from them? If not, then who gives them the right to treat us this way?”

From Global Christian News here

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