MALAYSIA – Launderette bans non-Muslim customers


Date:  September 28, 2017

A launderette in Muar, in southern Malaysia close to Singapore, has put up a sign banning non-Muslim customers. The owner of the shop told reporters he was “just carrying out his duty as a Muslim,” but refused to confirm or deny suggestions he had imposed the ban because non-Muslims’ clothes might carry “unclean” items such as dog hair. A regional Muslim leader supported the ban, stating that cleanliness was important to Muslims and it was “a good move as Muslims will no longer be doubtful when using the self-service launderette.”

Malaysia is approximately 61% Muslim, but one of its 11 states (Sarawak) is majority Christian. In June, a group of Islamic organisations called for evangelical Christianity to be effectively outlawed because it was a “dangerous movement.”

From The Star here

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