Jharkhand State Approves “Anti-Forced Conversion Law”

Source:  www.persecution.org

Date:  September 22, 2017

India (ICC)

On September 5, the governor of India’s Jharkhand State approved the Jharkhand Freedom of Religion Bill 2017, despite widespread opposition.  This bill, which is essentially an anti-conversion law, prevents anyone from attempting to convert someone’s religion, whether directly or indirectly.  However, the vague terms laid out in this bill leave a wide margin for interpretation and manipulation.  Similar laws in other Indian states are often used by Hindu radicals to falsely accuse Christian pastors of forced conversions.

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  • Pray that discrimination against Christians would decrease, despite the passage of this bill.
  • Pray for justice for Christians who have already been falsely accused.
  • Pray that this bill would be revoked or revised to better protect religious minorities.

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