Sudanese Refugees Forced to Recite Islamic Prayer to Receive Food


Date:  September 8, 2017

Sudan (ICN)

Although “forced conversion” is not legal in many areas of the world, it often does not protect Christians as is the case in Sudan.  Those who do not adhere to Sunni Islam are often treated poorly, denied work, refused basic aid, and churches have even been torn down.  Now, “Christian children in Sudan’s refugee camps are not receiving food unless they say Islamic prayers.”  There are an estimated 700,000 Christian refugees in Sudan, and many are contained in camps where they cannot leave to go anywhere else.

  • Pray that those in refugee camps would have their basic needs met.
  • Pray for opportunities for refugees to leave these camps and build new homes.
  • Pray that those working in the refugee camps would have compassion on all who live there.

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