2017 September

Sudan Detains, Interrogates Elder in Campaign to Take Over Church
Egypt: Copts face arrest after Facebook post leads Muslims to riot
Georgia set to pass Constitutional amendments that ‘violate’ religious freedom
Iraq: today’s vote on Kurdish independence is troubling the Middle East
Mob Violence Terrorizes Small Christian Village in Egypt
China takes aim at churches with new plans to force registration
‘Milestone’ as UN votes to create team to collect evidence of IS’s crimes
Chinese priest jailed for stealing was framed, say supporters
China: Christians meet illegally, left without church after forced government closure
Fulani Fugitive from Islam in Nigeria Endures Persecution as a 'Lifestyle'
Christians in Nepal Sentenced to Prison for Praying for Ill Woman Are Released
AFRICA – UN report acknowledges “religious ideas” as terrorists’ primary motivator
IRAQ – Eight churches in Baghdad close as Christians flee violence
NIGERIA – Released Chibok girls finally reunited with families, but 113 still held by Boko Haram
Analysis: Maldives - Christians losing the few rights they have
Sudan Forcefully Returns More Than 100 Refugees to Eritrea
Christian Group Locked Out of Reserved Building in Nigeria
Christian Academy in China Banned for 'Brainwashing' Children
Jharkhand State Approves “Anti-Forced Conversion Law”
Bahraini king positions as promoter of interfaith tolerance
Nigerian government has failed to counteract violence of Fulani herdsmen – ICG report
Indian children ordered to hail ‘the land of the Hindus’
China: Cross burns as officials attempt to remove it
BREAKING: Hunted Bangladesh Evangelist Urges Support For Jumma Minority
Pakistan Christian sentenced to death for WhatsApp ‘blasphemy’, despite gaps in police case
Congolese military ‘culpable’ in ADF’s North Kivu massacres
Philippines: Catholic priest free but over 40 hostages still held in Marawi
India: ‘pressure from right-wing Hindus’ forced closure of Catholic children’s hostel
Mali: Colombian nun ‘not in good health’ after 7 months as hostage
Jharkhand's State Governor in India Approves "Anti-Forced Conversion Law" Despite Opposition

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