2017 September

Kazakhstan church banned for singing songs at summer camp
Muslim Fulani Herdsmen Massacre 20 Christians in Plateau State, Nigeria
Global Rescue Of North Korea Refugees Amid Nuclear Celebrations
China: Dozens of Christians face trials, sentencing in Yunnan province
Church and indigenous Nasa people build Colombia’s future together
Three Kenyan Christians ‘called out by name’, then beheaded by suspected Al-Shabaab
China bans children – and their teachers – from churches
China passes new religious regulations ‘to prevent extremism’
Catholic priest killed, another injured in spate of attacks in CAR
Christian children in Iran told: ‘study Islam or leave school’
Christian High School Student Killed in Pakistan
India Church Leaders Condemn Killing Of Leading Activist
Jihadists who targeted Syrian Christians posing as European migrants
PAKISTAN – Pakistan Christian boy accused of desecrating Quran by rival garbage collector
PAKISTAN – Pakistan judge suggests false accusations of blasphemy should receive same punishment as those guilty of blasphemy
KENYA – Police killed protecting church from attack by gunmen
CHINA – Children banned from attending church by authorities
IRAQ – First church service held in Mosul since liberation from Islamic State
BBC sceptical about Iranian refugees turning to Christ in the Netherlands
Malaysia Arrests 19 in Anti-Terror Raids
Christian Villages in Pakistan Under Threat of Attack
Damaged Churches in Syria Show the Destruction of War
Baghdad's Churches Close Due to Low Attendance
Sudanese Refugees Forced to Recite Islamic Prayer to Receive Food
UK charity publishes report on Pakistani Christian asylum seekers in Thailand
Nineveh Christians rebuild their homes, but threats remain in Iraq
Muslim asylum seekers find shelter in Germany’s churches
Castro reign coming to an end in Cuba
Al Shabaab Militants in Kenya Kill Four Christians
Iran Threatens To Expel Christian Children From Schools

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