2017 July

China: Henan bans foreign students from conducting on-campus religious activities
Why are attacks on Egypt’s Coptic Christians getting worse?
Sudan church council leader summoned before Criminal Court
G20 missed opportunity to tackle major global issue: religious freedom
Fears of political agenda behind abuse allegation against Indian priest
Nepal: Christian worker shot at Easter says he’s still fearful
Church relieved as Yemen confirms kidnapped Indian priest is ‘alive’
More Christian than Muslim refugees in US under Trump, but fewer overall
Chinese Nobel Prize winner dies in prison, first since the Nazi regime
Family fears for ‘barely alive’ Chinese pastor as authorities abuse him in prison
Sanctions, Sudan, and religious freedom
Eritrean Church turns cemeteries into meeting places
Prosecutor believes Christian innocent, case goes into prosecution phase
More Iranian Christians receive excessive sentences
Murder of fifth Copt in six weeks creating ‘state of fear and terror’ among Egypt’s Christians
Jailed Algerian Christian receives partial presidential pardon
China: Police break into Bible study, demand identification
China: Government forces land from Christians, villagers
Marawi: relief aid containing Bibles criticized
Church in Southeast Asian country faces mounting pressure
US: Church Demolitions in Sudan Spark Strong Congressional Response
Filipino Bishops: ‘Marawi war is not a religious conflict’
US hostage’s wife asks his African captors to contact her
Jailed Iranian Christian asks authorities: ‘Why do you hate me?’
Coptic Orthodox nuns attacked in Palestine
Sudan sanctions extended for three months
Terrorist threat forces Egyptian Christians to cancel summer activities
Mexico a ‘case study in government inaction’ as third priest killed this year
Rash of sentences ‘shows government’s fear of growth of Christianity in Iran’
‘Longest seven minutes of my life’: Uzbek beaten up for leading secret church

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