2017 July

Soldier in Egypt Beaten to Death for His Christian Faith, Relatives Say
International Christian Concern regarding #ActForAssistance
Christian official fires lawyer, raising questions about government interference
U.S. ramps up pressure on North Korea
DRC clergy call for ‘unconditional’ release of kidnapped priests
Nigerian woman wins UN award for work re-integrating Boko Haram victims
Turkey: Malatya murderers’ 39-year prison sentences upheld
Maldives told to retract criticism of UN Special Rapporteur
Yemen: ‘Risk of genocide’ linked with level of religious freedom
Family of Egyptian Copt held without charge accuse police of ‘torturing him to death’
Church in Zanzibar, Tanzania Shaken as Court Supports Muslims' Opposition to Worship Building
Egypt’s Copts face discrimination in football, too
Religious Liberty Prayer Bulletin | RLPB 416
Discerning the truth about China
Christian Student Killed in Spate of Boko Haram Attacks in Northeast Nigeria
North Korean government agent spied on Christians, accepted Jesus on his deathbed
ERITREA: No improvement in Human Rights
Calling Worship 'Unlawful Assembly,' Police in Uttar Pradesh India, Arrest Six Christians
Iran Pastor, Church Members Sentenced To 10 Years Imprisonment
Turkey Reviews Sentences For Suspected Killers Of Missionaries
Nigerian Journalist Returns to Jail After Stringent Bail Terms Are Set
China: Provinces seek to eradicate Sunday schools, Christian summer camps
Jailed Christian on hunger strike to protest against treatment of Iranian converts
Nigeria: Four Chibok girls to start university in US in August
Eritrea: Patriarch’s first appearance in decade dismissed as ‘figleaf’
India: Murdered pastor was told: stop preaching or we’ll kill you
India’s new president puts religious minorities at heightened risk
Young Saudi student bound for WMU sentenced to beheading
China Warms 85 Million Communist Party Members: Be 'Firm Atheists', or Face Punishment
Broadcast News Outlet: Report Says North Korea Firing Squad Carries Out Public Executions in School Yards

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