2017 July

European Parliament condemns ‘in strongest terms’ Eritrea’s human rights record
Nigerian President’s ongoing medical treatment raises fears of yet more sectarian power struggles
Iraq: Kurdish government opens church for refugees who fled IS
US lawmakers call for continued sanctions against Sudan as Bashir plans Russia visit
Beheaded Kenyans belonged to local church
Nigeria: Food aid starts to reach 5m Boko Haram victims, now at risk of famine
Christians in Iran handed lengthy prison sentences
Iraq's Prime Minister Declares Victory Over ISIS in Mosul
China: Failed appeals leave five Christians facing lengthy sentences
Harsh Punishments Meted Out to Christians in Iran as Tehran Sends Chilling Signal
Christians in Coastal Kenya Fearful after Slaughter of 13 Non-Muslims
Iran: Massive Jail Terms for Many Believers
Pakistan's Calculated Spin on Apparent Killing of Chinese Evangelists
Jailed Pastor Abused in Vietnam After Speaking To US Delegation
Pakistan: Christian 3-Year-Old Baby Girl RAPED by Muslim Neighbor
Family fears for health of Christian human rights lawyer suffering chest pain
Christian human rights lawyer summoned 12 times, under strict surveillance
Indians take to the streets in protest against religious violence
Copts tired of ‘sacrificing willingly’ for Egypt’s unity
Four more Copts killed in ‘most aggressive campaign in history of modern Egypt’
Third Iranian convert given lengthy sentence alongside pastor
Pastor’s wife, Christian press charges against government for unlawful detention
The other side of Bible distribution in China
International: Islamic State loses Mosul
160 Christians Arrested During Eritrea's Fresh Crackdown on Christianity
Believers defy persecution to minister in Sudan
Mali: Kidnapped Australian Doctor shown alive in ‘proof-of-life’ Video
Nigeria: After Boko Haram: what kind of imprint will be left?
Iranian Christians face 80 lashes in communion case
Philippines: Islamist separatists endorse fatwa denouncing extremist violence

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