2017 April

In choosing Christianity, Mexican tribals risk alienation, eviction from their communities
Christians easy targets in Mexico’s lawless borderlands
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BREAKING: Syria Christians, Aid Workers Ask Prayers After Deadly Chemical Attack
Two Pastors in Burma Detained More than Three Months Without Trial
Iran Christian Converts Facing Prison Amid Health Concerns
US Senators bring resolution urging Pakistan to release Asia Bibi
Turkey: New York Times publishes Christian testimony about former jihadist – with qualifiers
Indonesia: Jakarta’s Christian governor reveals repeated sectarian attacks at trial testing Indonesia’s pluralism
Easter, a showcase of courage for the persecuted Church
Minority Christians in Nepal growing in unity through persecution
Young Pakistani Christian Shot Dead
Mob Kills Christian Elder at Evangelical School of Sudan in Omdurman
Turkey and Indonesia: Islamic Zeal to Soar Over Easter
China Aid releases 2016 Annual Persecution Report
China: Christian prisoner pens poem while facing hefty sentence
China Change: ‘In the Event That I Lose My Freedom’: A Statement by Lawyer Chen Jiangang
China: Raids continue on house church meetings in Guangdong
China: Zhejiang province orders churches to install surveillance equipment
Christians detained for 15 days for attending Bible study
Pakistani prosecutor to Christians: ‘I’ll acquit you if you convert to Islam’
Religious freedom in Iran: awareness, advocacy, action
Escaped North Korean risks her life to visit Christian family she left behind
Central Asia: Deaf girl beaten by family for her faith
Christians Accused in Killings in Pakistan Tortured, Pressured to Recant Faith
Czech Republic: Petr Jasek: In Prison with ISIS

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