2017 April

Christian Freedom International Co-Worker gives Exclusive Eyewitness Account of Palm Sunday Egyptian Coptic Church Bombings
Nigeria: Unicef: Boko Haram increasing use of child suicide bombers
Malaysian pastor Raymond Koh’s abduction has increased fears of ‘religious vigilantism’
Preacher to the FARC reflects on defeat of Colombia’s peace deal
Between limbo and hope: celebrating Easter with the exiles of northern Iraq
Bombed Egypt church cancels Easter celebrations
This Easter, the Church in Egypt is in mourning, but resilient
International: Prayer and praise together as the Church this Easter
Nigeria: Good Friday marks 3 years of agony for Chibok parents
The uncountable cost of Egypt’s Palm Sunday attacks
Mali: 2 months on, still no news of kidnapped nun
Five churches targeted on Palm Sunday in India
Easter, Bangladesh, and terror threats
Quashing of Childcare Facility Application in Algeria Rooted in Religious Discrimination
India’s churches also targeted on Palm Sunday, but Modi stays silent
As a Christian woman in Yemen, life is about survival
Are attacks on DRC churches religiously motivated?
China: Christians hospitalized resisting authorities’ forced surveillance attempts
Palm Sunday attacks: renewed call to support the persecuted Church
Israeli Jew and Christian Arab Pastor get Together to Help the Christian Egyptian Victims of Terror
Egypt and Syria: Massacre and The Threat of Massacre - plus an Easter Prayer
Muslims in Zanzibar, Tanzania Jail Pastor in Child Abuse Allegation Scheme, Group Says
Bombings at Two Churches in Egypt Turn Palm Sunday into Scenes of Carnage
BREAKING NEWS: Dozens Killed In Egypt Church Blasts On Palm Sunday; Islamic State Claims Responsibility (UPDATE)
BREAKING NEWS: Dozens Killed In Egypt Church Blast On Palm Sunday
Imprisoned Iranian Christians Need Prayer
22 girls and women kidnapped as Boko Haram strikes again in north-east Nigeria
Sudanese Christian leader fatally stabbed at protest over seizure of church school
Why were Pakistani politicians considering giving higher marks to veiled female students?
Majority-Christian Mexico still struggling to ensure religious freedom for rural converts

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