2016 December

Egypt: Sisi under fire after Coptic church attack
Dylann Roof Found Guilty Of Church Massacre In US
Hungary's Parliament Condemns Persecution Of Christians
Devastation of liberated Iraqi Christian towns makes return home seem further away than ever
A personal story of Sudan, hope, and purpose
Another court hearing, but no end in sight for Iranian Christian converts
Nigeria: Kebbi Christians face latent pressure to abandon faith
Indonesia’s only Christian governor insists ‘no insult intended’ as ‘blasphemy’ trial begins
Egypt: ‘We have a right to build churches’ says Copt after latest attack
Azerbaijani Christians face fines for ‘illegal’ prayer meeting
Iran: church retreat centre confiscated for ‘being funded by CIA’
Egypt: Coptic Christian complex hit in Cairo bombing
Egypt, and the Christmas - New Year Threat
Emotions Swirl as Blasphemy Trial Begins in Indonesia
Coptic Christians in Egypt Mourn after Worst Church Bombing in Country's History
Former Muslim's 60-Year-Old Mother Attacked in Uganda for Putting Faith in Christ
NEWS ALERT: Nigeria Church Collapse Kills 160 (Update)
BREAKING NEWS: Dozens Killed In Cairo Church Bombing
Turkey Sends US Pastor To Prison On "Terrorism" Charges
UPDATE: Turkey jails US pastor for ‘terrorism’
Indian Christian grandmother murdered for ‘disturbing the peace’
Boko Haram causing ‘untold misery’ in northern Cameroon
Nigeria denying food crisis severity
Nepal Acquits 8 Christians Over Conversion of Children
UPDATE First religious freedom case under new Nepal constitution: all charges dropped
Vietnam’s Law on Belief and Religion ‘deeply flawed’
Sudan: hope shines brightly
Nigeria: British baroness barely escapes deadly attack
Mexico ‘in denial’ over Christians forced out of homes for their beliefs
Chinese Christian Prisoner Wants Independent Autopsy

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