2016 November

Report: ‘Bangladesh failing minorities targeted by Islamic extremists’
Iraq: Church bells ring anew in freed Mosul district
Nigeria: Church Bleeds Under Fulani Jihad - Plus Indonesia Update: Ahok to face court
Pastor in China Upholds Faith after Nearly Year in Prison
Nigeria: 45 killed in yet another attack on Christian communities in Kaduna
75,000 children in N. Nigeria risk 'dying of hunger'; 14 million need humanitarian aid, says UN
UN warns of “mass atrocities” risk in South Sudan
UPDATE: Ethiopian girls in prison for a book ‘countering attacks on Christianity’
Trials progress for Czech aid worker in Sudan
Armed British Police Help "Persecuted" Christian Family Flee Their Home
India: Despite vandalized church, pastor’s ministry spurs on
Nigeria Church Concerned About Deadly Attacks
BREAKING NEWS: Iran Pastor Irani Reunited With Family After Release From Prison
Sudan: Khartoum's Jihad to Eliminate Opposition
Christian School Closed in Sudan Ordered to Re-Open
“So afraid I almost fainted” - Iran Christian on brother's arrest
Bishop's wife saved husband from Iranian extremists, but lost her only son
Iraq: 6 steps to being a 'refugee' in your own country
Iraq: Freeing the captives and a growing crisis
Indonesia: ‘Worship in the woods' a year after Islamic extremists destroy Aceh churches
Russia: Ministry response includes Caesar, God and prayer
Syrian Christian pastor -"I don’t feel ‘seduced’ to leave Aleppo"
North Korea: a spiritual battle
God bringing momentous growth to Iranian church
Syrian Christian spearheads ‘one million voices’ petition to support Church to stay in ME
UPDATE: Iran allows Azerbaijani Christians home on ‘conditional’ release
Philippines: Reflections from Gracia Burnham 15 years after captivity
Algerian converts denied Christian funerals
Eritrea: crimes against humanity and persecution
Two Pakistani Christian families escape blasphemy accusations

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