The persecuted Church in Sudan


Date:                                      October 25, 2016


PUBLISHED ON 25 October, 2016 BY

sudan-1758981_640Sudan (MNN) — What do you do when it looks like the bad guys are winning? MNN’s Ruth Kramer is on the road in Egypt this week, meeting with members of the Sudanese persecuted church to get their perspective.

She says, “This question is uppermost in everyone’s mind here in Egypt, where ministry leaders have gathered to both learn from and encourage one another. As friendships and new partnerships are growing, a Sudanese national, an expatriate, and Pastors Hassan and Kuwa were due in court Monday to face charges of espionage, working with the opposition, and proselytizing.

“That case has been full of twists and turns and frustratingly slow justice. So as the group gathered for training and discipleship, they also set aside time to pray for this case, in particular, and for the persecuted church in Sudan, as a whole.

“Many of those praying are in exile, but some still have found ways to come alongside believers in north Sudan, now at number six on the Open Doors World Watch List of countries known for the persecution of Christians.

“This group is made up of believers from Canada, the US, the UK, South Africa, Jordan, South Korea, Egypt and Sudan… all coming together to learn from each other and find ways to support and encourage those involved in Gospel work involving the Sudanese.

“Ministries like Frontiers, Pioneers, The Jesus Film Project, and InterVarsity were among the many groups looking for ways to engage together.

“Really, this week, they are trying to answer the question of purpose: what does it take to stop you in light of overwhelming resistance? What’s emerging is more than the story of a Church under fire — it’s emerging as a story of hope: ‘I don’t have it yet, but I have certainty of it… therefore, I will wait patiently because I have confidence in God.’

“There’s more yet to come from this week’s gathering and it will be more stories that are just beginning. From Egypt, I’m Ruth Kramer, Mission Network News.”

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