2016 September

Relief aid for North Korea
Russia’s Christians hope amid restrictions
Syria: ISIS ‘torture cells’ for women discovered
UNHCR ‘targets’ Pakistani Christian asylum seekers through 'disturbing' policy change
‘Autonomous Nineveh’ will preserve Christians and secure West's interest?
Turkmenistan: No change soon for religious minorities after Consitution amended
Laos: communism, persecution, and the spread of the Gospel
Iranian converts await sentencing for ‘illegal’ Communion wine
North Korea: something to prove
What next for India’s beleaguered Christian minority?
China: The registered Church and why it is a problem
Sudan: NGOs Urge UN Human Rights Council to Take ‘Strong Action’ On The Human Rights Situation in Sudan
Russia, Jordan, Uzbekistan: Pray for 'Those in Authority'
Authorities Arrest Christian Leader in Al Jazirah State, Sudan, in School Takeover
Iraq: ‘Part of our heart is missing’: parents of girl held by IS
Rising Islamic militancy across Sahel belt threatens African Christianity
Christians in Russia marked as terrorists
UPDATE: Algerian Christian’s blasphemy sentence reduced to 3 years
Uzbek pastor: ‘It will be even worse after Karimov’
What is next for Uzbekistan in the leadership transition?
Funeral held for Pakistani Christian killed in Peshawar attack
Iraq: In violence-racked Baghdad, the few Christians still there struggle to cope
Malaysia: Christians: Second-class citizens?
NEWS ALERT: Uzbekistan Christians Face More Danger After Death of Karimov; New Leader Appointed
Persecution in Eastern Uganda Persists as Christian Convert Is Killed in Western Area
Muslims Shoot Father of Kidnapped Christian Woman in Pakistan, Sources Say
Pakistan: 'Persecuted, but not Forsaken' (2 Cor 4:9)
Hungary's Orbán Meets Pope Francis After Pledging To Tackle Christian Persecution
Christian Security Guard Killed in Islamic Extremist Terrorist Attack in Pakistan
Peshawar attack: Christian security guard ‘killed’

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