2016 July

Authorities in Sudan Jail Christians Defending School on Property of Embattled Church
Russia: Church reacts as ‘anti-missionary bill’ becomes law
Political kidnappings a confirmed threat in Egypt
Coptic Bishop: Egypt ‘diseased’ with discrimination
Congregation, women, children beaten in east India village
Converts from Islam in Malaysia Detained in 'Faith Purification Centers'
Nepal To Prosecute Evangelical Christians For Spreading Bibles
Pakistan: Christian family flees after WhatsApp blasphemy accusation
New Law Will Cripple the Church in Russia
Stop the Fighting in South Sudan and Uphold International law, Says Advocacy Group
Nigeria: woman preacher hacked to death
Sudan’s Christians face ‘ethnic cleansing’
Christian in Pakistan Charged with 'Blasphemy' after Argument with Muslim
Egypt: Copts Seek Justice as Violence Escalates
'Sudan Frees 14 Evangelical Christians After Prayer Appeal'
UN Investigating Killings Of 9 Christians In Congo
Sudan Detains 14 Evangelical Christians In Latest Crackdown
US, Uganda:Criticizing homosexuality now 'crime against humanity'?
UK-Born Father-Of-Six, Who Converted from Islam to Christianity, Attacked with Pickaxe in Brutal Unprovoked Assault
Nine Christians killed in another attack in eastern DRC
Big Brother Bill passes in Russia
Russia: Anti-Mission Measures Signed Into Law
Imprisoned Christian in Iran Hopes for Appeal; Inmate Returns after Medical Leave
Copt Stabbed to Death in Egypt Less Than Week after Islamic State Kills Priest
Central Asian Christians feel repercussions of governments’ focus on Islamist threat
Bangladesh: Hostage standoff ends with 21 dead
Russian Baptist Union Appeals Controversial New Religion Legislation
Russia: Anti-Mission Law Looms
Colombian Church sceptical over FARC deal
Colombia: How will FARC deal impact the Church?

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