India’s Christians told to leave by 2021


Date:                         February 29, 2016


PUBLISHED ON 29 February, 2016 BY

India (MNN) — Lately there’s been a lot of information flowing about Christian persecution in the Middle East and Africa, but it’s also happening in *India.

RSS flyer

(Photo courtesy of The Voice of the Martyrs via VOM website)

The Voice of the Martyrs recently reported a note threatening Christians was posted at a train station in India. The note, from the RSS Hindu radical group, told Christians to convert, leave, or be killed by 2021.

Currently, Hinduism makes up 80.5% of India’s religions. Christianity only accounts for 2.3%. The goal of RSS is to create a unified India under the Hindu religion. However, the group can’t stop the work God is doing.

VOM works in a variety of ways in India to help and enable persecuted Christians continue to share the Gospel. VOM also helps provide these Christians with practical and spiritual relief, fellowship, and encouragement in their projects. But for security reason, not much more can be said.

Still, you can help your persecuted brothers and sisters by interceding for them through prayer. Please pray that their faith will not be shaken but that it will grow stronger under adversity. Pray for their testimony to be seen and for others to know the saving grace extended to them through Christ. Pray for their safety and well-being. And also pray for their stories to be heard across the world, and for others to be encouraged by them.

*India is ranked #17 on the World Watch List (WWL). WWL is a list of the top 50 countries where Christians face the most sever persecution for their faith.

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