2016 February

Sudan: The Nuba Brace For More Jihad
Catholic Monks in Israel Seek Action against Root Causes of Anti-Christian Hatred
Egypt Church Marks 1st Anniversary of Beheading of 21 Christians
Turkey's Protestants 'anxious and distressed'
Al-Qaeda holds Swiss missionary kidnapped in Mali for second time
Freed Australian Missionary Remains In Burkina Faso Despite Killing Of 7 Christians
Egypt: Coptic teens tried for video 'mimicking jihadists'
Nigeria: Dikwa attack: a call to prayer
Religious Freedom Tightening in Former Soviet Republics (COLUMN)
Muslim Relatives of Somali Christian in Kenya Beat Him Unconscious for His Faith
SE Asia: Persecution leaves Bible translators undaunted
Nepal’s new constitution bans religious conversions
Russia: He felt the miracle of God’s warm embrace in a frozen gulag
Christian leaders kept in Sudan since December un-charged, but incommunicado
Imam Arrested in Killing of Christian Convert in Eastern Uganda
China: A New Cultural Revolution Is Upon Us
England: Parents of Kiran Masih Forgive Her Murderers
Europe: Genocide label thrown on ISIS persecution
EU puts 'genocide' tag on Islamic State
Christian and Muslim leaders call for peace in Cameroon
Answered prayer in Egypt
International: Wycliffe Associates Planning Launch of at Least 10 New Translation Projects
Nigeria: Boko Haram attack leaves Dalori reeling
Iran: Imprisoned and blacklisted for Christ
Humiliating Attack in India Tests Young Pastor's Faith
Language of Jesus Under Attack (COLUMN)
Christian 'Tortured To Death' By Pakistan Police
Mexico: Needing A Word From Pope Francis
Al Shabaab Kills Christians in Raid on Village in Coastal Kenya
Nigeria: Survivor claims Boko Haram burned kids alive in attack that kills 86

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