2016 January

Fourth Pakistani Man Dies in Police Custody
Police in Pakistan Torture Christian to Death, Family Says
Iran Releases U.S.-Iranian Pastor Saeed Abedini in Prisoner Swap
BREAKING NEWS: US Pastor Abedini Receiving Medical Treatment After Release From Iran
American Pastor Saeed Abedini has been released from imprisonment in Iran, along with three other US citizens
BREAKING NEWS: Iran Releases Pastor Abedini, Reporter, Other Americans
Jittery Indonesia facing off ISIS: ministry refuses to be silenced
Turkey: ISIS threatens, Christians stand firm
Three attacks on Pakistani Christians mark New Year
Muslims in Pakistan Disrupt Christians' Worship, Storm Homes
World Watch List reveals troubling trends
Another Egyptian Christian conscript dies in ‘mysterious’ circumstances
Iraq: Islamic State burned Christians alive in locked caskets
World Watch List highlights 2016 prayer needs
A Chinese house church needs your prayers
2016 World Watch List drawn from world headlines
Pakistan: Lahore Church Burnt in Suspicious Circumstances Alleged to be Arson Attack
Myanmar: Recent visit confirms deportation fears
Ecuador: "End of the Spear," 60 Years Later; How Steve Saint Continues His Father's Legacy
Church Building in Algeria Looted, Vandalized
Swiss woman kidnapped in Timbuktu, Mali for second time in 3 years
Filipino Christians press on, despite persecution
Kenya: Garissa University reopens after Al Shabaab attack
Morning Star News' Top 10 Stories of 2015
Dare Egypt's new Parliament amend or even abolish its blasphemy law?
Indian Church denies rumours it supports Hindu nationalist party
Sudan Acquits Pastor But Other Christians Detained
Ban on Christmas in Somalia Darkens Season for Secret Christians
China: a country to watch in 2016
BREAKING NEWS: Belfast Pastor McConnell Acquitted Of Hate Speech After Calling Islam "Satanic"

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