Special Report: Violence Against Women

Source:                    www.worldwatchmonitor.org

Date:                       November 26, 2015


By World Watch Monitor
Nov. 27, 2015

A Christian woman, whose husband was killed by Seleka rebels in the Central African Republic.

A Christian woman whose husband was killed by Selekan rebels in the Central African Republic.

Pope Francis’ first pontifical trip to Africa concludes with a visit to the Central African Republic, where wholesale deadly violence against Christians in 2013 was largely characterised by attacks that singled out women.

The first day of his trip to the continent, which beings in Kenya, is also the 17th annual International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, sponsored by the United Nations.


From victims to victors

Pope visits CAR, land of brokenness yet hopeful

With this as a backdrop, World Watch Monitor presents two reports concerning violence against Christian women in CAR, as well as Nigeria, where the seven-year Islamist insurgency of Boko Haram has made that country the deadliest on earth.

From victims to victors describes the scope of gender-based violence across CAR and Nigeria, and visits a gathering of traumatised Christian women who learn that their religion does not regard them as shameful.

In Pope visits CAR, land of brokenness yet hopeful, Open Doors International’s women’s ministry director Hélène Fisher diaries on her participation in a July meeting at a rural CAR church to meet with pastors and a few women leaders still living in that country’s continuous chaos.

Violence Against Women is a photo story of a group of CAR women who are working to overcome the trauma of assault. It is provided courtesy of Open Doors International, a charity that supports Christians who live under pressure because of their faith.

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