2015 October

Influential Monk in Burma Builds Buddhist Structures on Church Property
Influential Monk in Burma Builds Buddhist Structures on Church Property
Video Released from Libya of Beheading of Christian from South Sudan
Russia in Syria
Nigeria: Escaped Chibok girl reveals others are alive; many impregnated and carrying various diseases
Afghanistan/Pakistan: Ever heard of a suicide evangelist?
Egypt Raids Christian Broadcaster; Director Detained
International: Rise in Militant Islam Cited as Primary Cause in Worsening Situation for Believers
Climate of Fear Amongst Some Ethnic Christian Converts in UK
Report: Christianity contracting in MidEast, Africa
Pakistan isolates Asia Bibi after security fears
Is a third Palestinian intifada about to break out?
Iraqi nun who fled monastery now helping refugees
Why Eritrea can’t be forgotten
Evangelist in Eastern Uganda Killed after Muslim-Christian Debate
Catholic Group Says Christians Face Eradication In Several Nations
Bangladesh – Making Cricket News for Wrong Reasons (Column)
Police raid Sat-7 channel's Egypt offices
Pakistan: Future of blasphemy laws in question
Muslim extremists torch church in Indonesia
Pakistan: Qadri verdict a ‘victory over terrorism’
Pakistan’s Supreme Court makes landmark judgment
Egypt: Urgent prayers requested by SAT-7 Cairo
Ethiopian village church attacked
Syria: Plight of Assyrian Christians
DR Congo - Islamist militias threaten central Africa too
Hindu extremists focus on Christian influence in Nepal
Middle East: Militants bring terror to refugee camps
Pastor in Bangladesh Describes Attempt to Slit His Throat
NEWS ALERT: Islamic State Shoot 3 Christians, Threatens To Kill Hundreds More

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