2015 September

Syrian Christians face life-and-death choices
Cuba: proceed with caution
Islamabad, Pakistan: Mob Sets the House of a Christian Family on Fire after Locking Them in
Nepal Rocked By Church Bombings Amid Concerns Over Constitution
BREAKING NEWS: Lao Christian Pastor Killed For Spreading Faith
Cuba – Waiting for a Real Revolution of Religious Freedom (Column)
BREAKING NEWS: Laos Christian Prisoner Dies As Authorities Refuse Medical Treatment
Nepal in Crisis Four Months After Quake
ISIS death threats reach Turkish Christians
Burkina Faso military takes over
Nepal has been declared a secular nation
Egypt: Coptic soldier's father challenges military autopsy
College Student in Uganda Whose Family Left Islam Is Beaten, Raped
Nepal’s Constituent Assembly Prefers Secular State
Egypt: Government crackdowns alert Christians
Iraq's ISIS survivors adjust to life in a refugee camp
Pastor in Laos Stabbed to Death
Turkey: Malatya murder suspects make final appeals
Turkey cracks under mounting pressure
Court in Sudan Rules Government Interfered with Church
Vietnam & Cambodia: No Sanctuary for Degar Christians
International: Hope exists amid ISIS expansion
Christians in Jharkhand, India Attacked with Axes, Clubs
Yet another blasphemy case registered in Pakistan; this time against a poor Christian laborer with four children and a sick wife
Iraq: Islamic State kidnapped 127 children in Mosul, will train them as jihadist ‘cubs of the caliphate’
NE India - Manipur violence sparks fears of religious conflict
Islamic State: helping or hurting the Middle East?
How Suffering Made Cuba's Church Grow
Hundreds of Pakistani Christian asylum seekers detained in crackdown following Islamic extremist bomb attack in Bangkok
India's Christians are under attack

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