Blown-Up Bodies


Date:                    August 20, 2015


Christians are disappearing in the cradle of Christianity.

Raped. Enslaved. Beheaded. Chopped into pieces. Sold.

In the latest reports, ISIS experiments with new execution methods of ‘inhumane brutality’: detonating bombs buried below men accused of apostasy.

Christian women are sold as sex slaves – the younger the girls, the higher the price.

Elderly men and young children are being beheaded because of their faith.

This evil genocide against Christians must end.

At the ACLJ, we’re aggressively working in the region and on Capitol Hill to demand the U.S. lead the efforts to end this historic evil and support our allies fighting to save Christians from jihadist genocide. Already a major bill has incorporated numerous reforms I’ve proposed in congressional testimony.

We must prioritize the protection of the persecuted Church.

We need to hear from 100,000 more of you in the next few days.


Sign Our New Petition: Stop ISIS’s Genocide of Christians.


Jay Sekulow
ACLJ Chief Counsel

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