2015 July

Iraqi monks stay put as battle intensifies
Hindu Extremists Instigate Tribal People against Christians in Jharkhand, India
South Sudan marks an un-happy birthday
Sex trafficking victims in Nepal find security
Nigerian Christian Workers Stand Firm amid Boko Haram Violence
Islamic Extremists in Uganda Try to Kill Former Sheikh who Survived Poisoning
Syria conflict: Belgium rescues 200 Aleppo Christians
How does a man kill ‘in God’s name’? asks former UK Chief Rabbi Jonathan Sacks
Suicide bomber attacks church in Nigeria
Nigeria: Boko Haram attacks spike as Jesus saves
Al Shabaab Mounts another Attack on Non-Muslims near Mandera, Kenya
Ramadan: A Time of Jihad and of Seeking
Pakistan: Asia Bibi’s husband speaks out; fears even if she’s freed, a lynch mob may kill her
Iranian Christian Prisoner, Farshid Fathi, given early release date (Breaking News)
Nigeria: Boko Haram victim ‘left for dead’ in 2012 loses sister and her two children in church bomb
Syriac Orthodox Patriarch Calls on Youth to Defend Their Lands in Syria
Boko Haram Unleashes Bloodshed in Attacks in Nigeria's Central, Northeastern States
Catholic Educator Flees Pakistan amid 'Hate Campaign' by Islamic Extremists
Pakistan To Reform Controversial Blasphemy Laws
When will the killing stop? Latest Boko Haram attack caps week of bloodshed in Nigeria
Scotland: Glasgow stands up for Saudi blogger – Raif Badawi
Syrian horror: Islamic State ‘murders 25 men in Palmyra’ in front of crowd of onlookers
Nigeria President Buhari condemns Boko Haram’s ‘heinous’ attacks that left more than 200 Muslims dead
UPDATE S Sudan pastors will face trial, judge rules
The cost of jihad on Egypt.
Nigeria: Chibok girls reportedly forced into service by Boko Haram
S Sudan pastors' lawyer arrested day before they were due in court
Indonesia, Myanmar: Trafficked Rohingya victims reunited
Islamic Cleric in Pakistan Arrested in Mob Attack on Christians Accused of Blasphemy
BREAKING NEWS: Militants Attack Nigeria Evangelical Church; 6 Killed

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