2015 June

Second mentally ill Pakistani in 2 weeks charged with desecrating Koran
Home at last in Mexico
Another IS target: Eritreans
Kenya: Christians pray as al Shabaab recruits
Iran views Christianity as direct threat
Forced out by ISIS, Iraq's Christians start over
Islamic State Abducts Dozens of Eritrean Christians in Libya
BBL: Islamic state coming to Mindanao?
China Facing Spiritual Void (Column)
Christians Suspect Islamic State Influencing Muslims in Palestinian Territories, Israel
Uzbekistan: No Religion Without Permission
NEWS ALERT: Pastors Facing Possible Execution In Sudan Moved To High Security Prison
Iran Sentences Nearly 20 Christians To Harsh Prison Sentences
Pakistan: Asia Bibi is so ill ‘she can hardly walk,’ says her family. She has now been moved to a new prison
Man in Nepal: ‘Help me understand this power that compels you to come half way around the world to help us.’
Missing one leg, he escaped North Korea on crutches, trekked 6,000 miles to freedom
Pakistan: USCIRF calls for action
Pakistan Christians Stopped, Harassed, When Traveling Abroad
Kenya charges five over al-Shabab’s Garissa massacre when Christian students were brutally murdered
Pakistan justice? Eight out of 10 Malala suspects ‘secretly acquitted’
New Punishments for "Religious Agitation in Public Places" in Crimea
International: EU ‘must do more’ to stop religious freedom abuses
Ethopia: Evangelicals face prison time despite innocence
Russian laws could harm ministry
Islamic State fighter lined up three Yazidi sex slaves naked every morning, smelled them, and decided who he wanted for the day
American Pastor Saeed Abedini’s Wife Joins Other Families In Urging Congress To Help Free Americans Held Captive In Iran
Travelling abroad from Pakistan: ‘If you’re Christian, you’ll probably seek asylum’
Islamic State threatening tomb of Jewish Prophet Nahum in Iraq
Myanmar: ISIS recruiting from Rohingya refugees
Iran: Persecution of religious minorities in Iran on the rise

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