2015 June

Pakistan: Christians threatened ahead of Muslim holy month
Ramadan has a dark side; Christians respond
Egypt: Community 'Justice' Expels Copts from their homes
Kenya enters Ramadan with threats from al-Shabaab
Tax imposed on Syrian refugees
U.S. becoming less Christian, according to research
Pray for Muslims during Ramadan
Targeted children in Colombia find solace
Aftershocks Continue to Terrorize Nepalese as Rebuilding Efforts Begin
Refugees: crisis or opportunity?
Celebrating the life, legacy of Elisabeth Elliot
Wanted Sudan leader, Omar al-Bashir, avoids South Africa arrest for ‘War Crimes’
Nepal in collective shock
Afghanistan: Murder in Kabul
Will Sudan’s Omar al-Bashir finally face justice? South Africa court in bid to arrest him
Two Injured in Arson Attack on Historic Church in Galilee, Israel
BREAKING NEWS: US Pastor Beaten In Iran Prison Amid Death Threats
NEWS ALERT: Nine Killed In US Black Church Shooting; Police Hunting For White Suspect
Blasphemy Law Reform Drafted in Pakistan as Three More Christians Are Accused
Christians Shaken after Attack on their Church Building in Istanbul, Turkey
Sudan & Iran: 'Remember Those In Prison...'
No New Evidence against Two South Sudanese Pastors in Sudan, Relatives Say
Islamic Militants Kidnap 100 Eritrean Christians In Libya, Sudan
Christianity Doomed in Iraq, Say Experts (Column)
U.S. schoolteachers bow to Allah, celebrate Islam
Central Asia in the spotlight as Azerbaijan hosts European Games
Islamic State using Libya to send fighters into Europe and America
Are Egyptian Christians safe?
Middle East: Children kidnapped by ISIS, turned into weapons
Iran: Brutality continues for Pastor Saeed

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