2015 January

NEWS ALERT: Muslims Attack Churches, Christians, Killing Dozens In Niger, Kenya
Kazakhstan Baptists Refuse Fines For ‘Illegal’ Worship
Christian in Egypt Gunned Down
Churches burned down over anti-Charlie Hebdo demonstration in Niger
Christmas arrests in Iran: 11 still detained
A pattern of persecution in India
Sri Lanka gets down to business in first three weeks of 2015
Paris attacks parallel fears over growing jihadist threat in Africa
Cameroon: 100 Boko Haram militants killed
Nigeria: Boko Haram uses child suicide bomber
Christian Shot to Death Outside Church in Mombasa, Kenya
ISIS-Related Group Claims Responsibility for Egyptians Still Held in Libya
Nigeria Christians Flee Amid Female Suicide Attacks
VIDEO: Amidst hopes of Jokowi, Indonesian Christians remain concerned
North Korean Christians – Shining As Purified Gold (Column)
BREAKING NEWS: Church: ‘Up To 2,000 People Massacred In Nigeria’ (Update)
India: Nationwide anti-conversion law threatens Christians
Coptic Christmas: a new hope in Egypt
Morning Star News’ Top 10 Persecution Stories of 2014
IRAN: Prisoners of Faith Persevere Despite Hardship
ETHIOPIA: Authorities Demolish Church Building
Sudan: Religious Oppression Mounts
Egypt: President Sisi sets a historic milestone
Nepal needs your prayers
International: What will 2015 bring for Christians?
Iran Frees House Church Member; Pastor Gets Longer Sentence
International: 2014: A year of rising hostility toward Christians
Good news follows bad in Pakistan
Islam grows in East Malaysia

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