2015 January

Yemeni rebels storm presidential palace
13 Christians Kidnapped In Libya
Imam in Uganda Allegedly Beats Daughter to Death for Converting to Christ
Turkey 'promises' first new church in 90 years
70+ churches destroyed as ‘anti-Charlie’ protests spread in Niger
10 people killed, churches burned in Niger
Burma faces mixed future
Prison Time Withdrawn for Pastor in Bhutan Sentenced to Nearly Four Years
Sudan Arrests Another South Sudanese Pastor
NEWS ALERT: Muslims Attack Churches, Christians, Killing Dozens In Niger, Kenya
Kazakhstan Baptists Refuse Fines For ‘Illegal’ Worship
Christian in Egypt Gunned Down
Churches burned down over anti-Charlie Hebdo demonstration in Niger
Christmas arrests in Iran: 11 still detained
A pattern of persecution in India
Sri Lanka gets down to business in first three weeks of 2015
Paris attacks parallel fears over growing jihadist threat in Africa
Cameroon: 100 Boko Haram militants killed
Nigeria: Boko Haram uses child suicide bomber
Christian Shot to Death Outside Church in Mombasa, Kenya
ISIS-Related Group Claims Responsibility for Egyptians Still Held in Libya
Nigeria Christians Flee Amid Female Suicide Attacks
VIDEO: Amidst hopes of Jokowi, Indonesian Christians remain concerned
North Korean Christians – Shining As Purified Gold (Column)
BREAKING NEWS: Church: ‘Up To 2,000 People Massacred In Nigeria’ (Update)
India: Nationwide anti-conversion law threatens Christians
Coptic Christmas: a new hope in Egypt
Morning Star News’ Top 10 Persecution Stories of 2014

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