2014 November

Christians Beaten, Jailed in Hindu Extremist Attack in Maharashtra, India
England: Prince Charles Advocates for Persecuted Christians to House of Lords
Sudan Exposed: 'starve them', 'empty the camps' -- high level leak exposes evil of regime
Jailed Egyptian convert awaits appeal hearing
Religious freedom: going global?
What does North Korea gain with prisoner releases?
India: Filth, stench don’t stop Sisters of Compassion
Syrian Kurds give women equal rights, snubbing ISIS (Islamic State) jihadists
ISIS document sets price for female Christian slaves
Former Soviet Union: Iron Curtain: then and now
United States: Kenneth Bae Calls His Release from North Korea an 'Amazing Blessing'
United States: Chef, 90, Faces Jail and Fines for Feeding the Homeless
West Africa: Ebola forces hard decisions
Twenty-seven ministries explore rescue plans for North Korea
BREAKING NEWS: North Korea Frees U.S. Missionary and Other American
Incessant Attacks on Jerusalem Church in Israel Meet with Police Indifference
BREAKING NEWS: Pakistan Police Kill ‘Blasphemy’Man; Mob Burns Christian Couple
Religious Freedom in an Age of Realpolitik
Iraq: The only true Islam?
Baptist Pastor in Argentina Narrowly Escapes Assassination
Chhattisgarh, India: Bastar ready to explode -- a call to pray for the Church in India
Exclusive: Pakistani Christian couple brutally killed by mob for alleged ‘blasphemy’
Nigeria: Yola: the next Boko Haram target?
Rebel election in Ukraine yields unexpected results
India: Christian Dalits face more discrimination
Pakistan: Islamist Mob Kills Christian Couple Accused of 'Blasphemy'
Imprisoned Pastor Saeed's Mother Escapes Iran after "Daily Threats" for Safety of USA
Second Turkish trial implicates authorities in planned attack on church leaders
Nigeria: Boko Haram mocks government
BREAKING NEWS: Pakistan Christian Coupled Burned To Death For ‘Blasphemy’

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