2014 November

Tensions High as Church in Sudan Strives to Fend Off Further Demolition
ISIS could take Pakistan in months
United States: Imprisoned Pastor's Wife Says No Deal With Iran Without Her Husband's Freedom
IRAN: Conditional Release Granted to House Church Participant
NIGERIA: Militants Seize Hometown of Abducted Schoolgirls
UKRAINE: Oppression of Christians Escalates
Global Terrorism Index places India at 6
Kenya: New ban on religious organizations from an unexpected corner
Death penalty for Pakistan woman turned on technicality
New government in Indonesia does an about-face on religious freedom
Pakistani Christians need help to rise above poverty, terrorism
Nepal Urged To Respect Christians Rights In New Constitution
Laos: Christians purged and arrested -- a call to pray for the Church in Laos
Police Say woman Slain in Pakistan Innocent of Blasphemy; Politicians 'Protecting Killers'
Bail granted for pastors nearly mobbed for sharing their faith in Bangladesh
Russia openly violating truce with Ukraine
Middle East: Preparing for the Islamic State means when, not if
Crisis in Nigeria Grows More Desperate, Forces Ministry to Relocate
Burma: Rohingya face two terrible choices, ministry looking for a better option
Vietnam ‘Government Assailants’ Attack Christian Center, Several Detained
NEWS ALERT: Iran House Church Christian Released From Prison
Pakistan Christian Man Detained For Blasphemy
Jordan deports American pastor, assistant's eviction pending
Distinction between 'moderate Islamists' and 'militant extremists' is misleading for Western governments
Nigeria: Boko Haram forces ministry to relocate
Five Months of Attacks on Mennonite Church in Vietnam Prompt SOS
Canada Law Society Rejects Christian Graduates
Christian couple 'burned to death by Pakistani mob had legs broken to stop them fleeing and wife was wrapped in cotton so she'd burn faster'
BRITISH COLUMBIA: Christian Law Graduates Banned from Practising Law
PAKISTAN: Misunderstanding Leads to Overwhelming Tragedy

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