2014 October

Syria: What does the black flag mean?
Rural China will receive a precious gift
International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church
Two churches burn in India
Sudanese Air Force Bombs Church Complex in Nuba Mountains
Muslim Militants Release 20 Christians In Syria; Priest Under House Arrest
Christian pastor escapes Islamic radicals after God brings deluge and flood
US: Houston Demands Oversight of Sermons
Pastor awaits trial before Islamic court for collaborating with Syrian government
Turkey Threatens Deportation Of American Pastor
US: University ministry continues despite derecognition
Two Attempted Murders by Boko Haram Show Islamic Extremist Motives
Samaritan's Purse to Airlift 90 Tons of Aid to Help Iraqi and Syrian Families
What would your daily life look like if there were an active war in your country, state, or city?
As UN targeted by Islamists in Mali, Bishops urge renewed peace efforts
Christians in Egypt press on
No contact with kidnapped Syrian priest, parishioners
Syrian refugees find cold reception in Lebanon
Islamic State flag flying over Syria/Turkey border
Indian Christian man forced to separate from Hindu wife by right-wing activists
NEWS ALERT: Militants Kidnap Priest, 20 Christians, In Syria
Korea: North and South to resume talks -- the obstacles seem insurmountable, but the LORD is in GOD
NEWS ALERT: Laos Releases House Church Christians, But Pastor Detained
India's Modi says nothing at home, abroad, about rising sectarian violence
Trends of the Church: Asia needs leaders
Disposable: plight of girls in India
Moving toward critical mass on Ebola outbreak
Nigeria: Boko Haram: why should we care?
Nigeria: 'How can I celebrate my birthday with a homeless, scattered family?'
Capital Charges Faced by Three Christians in Iran Dropped at Court Hearing

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