Leading The Way Issues Urgent Call to Prayer and Action for Iraq

Source:  www.assistnews.net

Date:  2014-09-09

By Peter Wooding
Europe Bureau Chief for ASSIST News Service

HEMEL HEMPSTEAD, UK (ANS) -- As the crisis escalates in Iraq, Christian broadcast ministry, Leading The Way, is urgently calling for support as they minister to the people of this troubled region at a time of such desperate need.

Elderly Iraqi lady in Bahsheqa benefits from Leading The Way's support

Leading The Way is seeing an overwhelming response as they blanket Iraq with the Gospel through Arabic broadcasts, personal follow-up, and practical hands-on support of the persecuted.

Currently their dual-language Arabic programming is impacting two strategic locations within the country: Baghdad and the region in the north where many have fled to safety in their flight from ISIS, now known as Islamic State (IS).

"In the past year, as the situation in Iraq has worsened, we have seen an overwhelming response to the broadcasts and personal ministry we provide," explains Leading The Way's Founder and President Dr. Michael Youssef.

One of those who responded to these broadcasts is Leyla, who accepted Jesus as her savior through a Skype call with Leading The Way's follow-up team.

Families in Bahsheqa using bedding supplied
by Leading The Way

Leyla stays in regular contact with the team, but faces the challenges of isolation in her spiritual life because if she is caught practicing Christianity she could face terrible consequences. She says her biggest dream is to worship God with other Christians, even if it's done in secret.

As well as following up responses to their broadcasts, Leading The Way is also meeting the urgent practical needs of Iraqi Christians. Last month alone they were able to help hundreds of Christian refugee families, many of whom fled Mosul when Islamic State (IS), attacked, providing mattresses, food kits, and hygiene packs.

Map shows are of region where Leading The Way is ministering and providing practical help

Dr. Michael Youssef says he believes this is an opportune time to reach the millions of moderate Muslims who are struggling to reconcile such barbaric acts with their religious beliefs. Although Islamic State may have millions of supporters, there are hundreds of millions more who can be reached with the Gospel at such a time as this.

Dr. Youssef concluded by appealing for urgent help to carry on this vital ministry in the region: "Pray that doubting Muslims see the light of Christ. Pray for persecuted Christians and for those who seek to harm them. We have seen conversions like the Apostle Paul-persecutors of Christians coming to Christ-and it's happening every single day.

"Also, please give to Leading The Way's work in Iraq. To our brothers and sisters in crisis and to the millions in the region who do not yet know Christ, we are providing an immediate response."


To find out more, watch Leading The Way's Iraq Update, where Dr. Michael Youssef and Leading The Way Executive Vice President Joshua Youssef discuss what's going on in Iraq, what Leading The Way is doing, and how you can help: www.LeadingTheWay.org/iraq

If you live in the UK, you can find out more about the work of Leading The Way with Dr. Michael Youssef by going to www.leadingtheway.org.uk , or you can write, Leading The Way, PO Box 1066, Hemel Hempstead HP2 7GQ, UK.

About Leading The Way:

Now celebrating over 25 years of ministry, Leading The Way's television and radio programs are broadcast to more than 190 countries in over 24 languages. Lea ding The Way also produces DVDs, CDs, books, a monthly devotional magazine, and daily e-devotionals to spread the light of Christ. This Atlanta-based organization partners internationally with in-country follow-up teams to encourage new believers in their faith, helping God's Kingdom to grow around the world.

About Dr. Michael Youssef:

Dr. Michael Youssef preaching at
Westminster Chapel in London

Michael Youssef, Ph.D., is the Founder and President of Leading The Way with Dr. Michael Youssef. Dr. Youssef was born in Egypt and lived in Lebanon and Australia before moving to the United States. In 1984, he fulfilled his childhood dream of becoming an American citizen. He holds degrees from Moore College in Sydney, Australia, and from Fuller Theological Seminary in California. In 1984, he earned a Ph.D. in social anthropology from Emory University. He has authored more than 29 books, including popular titles like "The Leadership Style of Jesus" and "Blindsided: The Radical Islamic Conquest." He and his wife reside in Atlanta and have four grown children and seven grandchildren.

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