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Date:                June 30, 2014


(Photo courtesy Vision Beyond Borders)

(Photo courtesy Vision Beyond Borders)

Asia (VBB) — In Nepal and India, extreme poverty results in malnutrition, disease, illiteracy, and often deep spiritual depravity.

Little value is placed on women and girls in these countries where they are sold into sex slavery by members of their own families for as little as $10 USD, depending on their age and beauty.

They refer to themselves as “the walking dead” for they are without hope. Girls as young as 7 have been sold into slavery. These women and girls are confined in a room called “the cage” where they are beaten, starved, and raped until their will is broken. Then they are forced to service customers to repay their debt–a debt that incurs more in interest than they are paid for their services.

In those brothels, conditions are filthy and sickness is rampant. Girls who succumb to infection are turned out on the streets to die.

(Photo courtesy Vision Beyond Borders)

(Photo courtesy Vision Beyond Borders)

Vision Beyond Borders launched its Vision for Women to answer the growing crisis. The safe house they helped fund just 6 months ago is full, and more women are ready to come out of the industry.

A VBB contact working in one of these red-light districts recently shared, “We were able to rescue two girls. One is 17 and she is a Muslim; she has been involved in this business for a long time.”

Later, the ministry team received this update: “Thank you very much for your prayers. Today the Muslim girl accepted Jesus as her personal Savior…. She called her relatives and said, ‘I have become a Christian. When I come back, I will tell you about this new life in Jesus.’ She wants to rescue her younger sister who is in this business as well.”

VBB partners are in awe at how God is moving in the red-light districts and the fruit from the salon outreach. The vocational training program has been highly effective in ministering to the women and facilitating rescues.

(Photo courtesy Vision Beyond Borders)

(Photo courtesy Vision Beyond Borders)

They’re hoping to invest in a new salon in a strategic location that will include ministry to children who are growing up in the red-light district. The total cost for this project is $83k. If you would like to join in this mission, please consider:


Giving!  [Designate “Vision for Women Salon Project.”] Salon Supplies are also needed. Checks & supplies can be sent to: VBB, 100 Shepherd Trail, Unit 12, Bozeman, MT 59718.



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