2014 June

Pakistan Taliban wage deadly campaign
Pakistani Muslim NGO highlights forced conversion of Christian women
Uzbek persecution on the rise
Apostasy case in Sudan creating pressure
The ugly reality of present-day Iraq, where the nation, and the Christian church, is now being destroyed and taken over by extremist Sunni militants
First modern jihadist state forming in central Syria and Iraq
Iraq City of Mosul Falls to Jihandists
Washington Groups Demand Freedom For Sudan Mother On Death Row
Nigerian Girl Who Escaped Boko Haram Abduction Aches for Schoolmates
Militants Torch Tanzania Church
Afghanistan Militants Detained Over Kidnapping Priest
Islamic Militants Threaten Churches In Uganda, Kenya
Afghan Christians Mourn Americans Killed At Hospital
BREAKING NEWS: Thousands Of Iraq Christians Flee After Islamic Takeover (Update)
Crackdown On Non-Orthodox Christians In Ukraine’s East, Crimea
Commitment to Egypt's New Constitution Questioned after 'Blasphemy' Charge
Officials Say At least 20 Women Kidnapped in Nigeria; Boko Haram Suspected
European Christians Face Threats, Loss of Livelihood for Expressing Faith
Pastor Irani Beaten in Iranian Prison and Taken to Unknown Location
BREAKING NEWS: Iran Intelligence Authority Summons Evangelical Pastor Amid Crackdown (Update)
Boko Haram suspects kill 200 more in Nigeria
Boko Haram adds more terror to deadly raids in Northern Nigeria
Man Claiming to be Meriam Ibrahim's "Brother" Says She Should Repent or Die
England: Minority Groups Hold Vigil for Meriam Ibrahim
Iran: Abedini threatened with more jail time
TANZANIA: Church Building Burned Down
CAMEROON: Kidnapped Humanitarian Workers Released
Send Your Card to Imprisoned Christian Mother Sentenced to Hang in Sudan
10 Reasons North Korea is Not the Worst Place to Be a Christian

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