2014 May

Persecution on the rise in Sudan
Nigeria: Persecuted widows receiving hope for their families
Suicide Bombing Hits Christian Pocket of Kano, Nigeria
Group: ‘Uzbekistan Fines Christians For Praying At Home’
Sudan: Condemned to hang, pregnant Sudanese doctor refuses to recant
India: Results Day requires prayer
Will you stand with believers in Nigeria?
MIDDLE EAST: Christian Women Killed by Family Members
NIGERIA: VOM Volunteer Murdered by Militants
Nigerian Church Leaders in the UK, Call for Mass Prayer Vigil in Westminster, for Safe Release of Abducted Nigerian Schoolgirls
Boko Haram video of kidnapped girls labeled a fake
Syria: The price of war
Baptists blamed for Ukraine conflict
Boko Haram terrorists toy with emotions in Nigeria
Refugee camps in Burma a new target for violence
Judge in Sudan Confirms Death Sentence, Whipping, for Pregnant Christian Woman
Somali Muslims in Kenya Freed after Stabbing Attack in Nairobi
Election fraud in Ukraine
Nigeria: Families of kidnapped girls need encouragement
Christians in Egypt expect death at any time
India: Christian party asserts Dalit rights in Indian elections debut
Terrorists continue to attack Christians in Nigeria
Thousands Of Iraq Christians Flee Despite “Disaster” Warnings
Sudan: Pregnant Christian Sentenced to Death for 'Apostasy' Pressured to Embrace Islam
Algerian Christians should promote friendship with Muslims, says Pope Envoy
Nigeria: Chibok victim: Kidnappers threatened to shoot
Nigeria: Evacuations due to Boko Haram violence
"Fearless" Pakistani Lawyer Murdered for Continuing to Defend Man Accused of Blasphemy - Despite Receiving Death Threats From the Prosecution.
Before Chibok: A Nigerian Kidnapping Story Told but Unheard

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