2014 May

Pakistan - Asia Bibi: A life hanging in the balance
Urgent: Sudan, Iran
A Child Survivor of a Boko Haram Attack Tells U.S. House Foreign Affairs Committee Members to Help Bring Her Sisters Home.
Group Frees Pakistan Christian Slaves From Brick Kiln
Sudan: Khartoum's rulings are totally consistent with Islam -- the case of Meriam Yehya Ibrahim Ishag.
Lawyers Appeal Merriam Ibrahim's Death Sentence in Sudan
Key Leader of Somalia's Underground Church Slain
Help free Sudanese Christian sentenced to death
Iran Tortures Christian Prisoners
NORTH KOREA: Christians Blamed for Human Rights Atrocities
KAZAKHSTAN: New Laws Threaten Religious Freedom
Uganda churches warned of Al Shabab ‘threats’
Four-day bloodbath in Nigeria
Operation Coexistence: Christians, Muslims, Jews
Army imposes martial law in Thailand
Kano suicide attack: Nigeria terror
Persecution and Scripture distributions on the rise
Convert from Islam in Kenya Beaten, Arrested
BREAKING: US Troops Search For Christian Girls; Christians Killed In Blasts
Laos Christians Still Detained as EU-Laos Human Rights Talks Begin
Bombs rips through Jos inner city at least 118 People were killed and dozens injured
Uzbekistan Bans Mourning Christians From State Cemeteries
Somalia Militants Kill Woman For Christian Faith
Brunei Christians Fear Harsh Islamic Law
Sudan: Christian Woman Faces Death For Apostasy
Bombs Explode in Mainly Christian Area of Jos, Nigeria
Muslims Crucify Two Teen Boys for Being Christians
Pastor Saeed Abedini - Beaten and Forcibly Removed From Hospital and Returned to Iranian Prison
Documents indicate Turkey connection to bishops' kidnappers
Majority of Iranians reject Islam

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