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Ukraine Churches Seek Peace and Reconciliation


Date:  2014-01-31

By Dan Wooding
Founder of ASSIST Ministries

LOVES PARK, IL (ANS) -- Dr. Bob Provost, President of the Slavic Gospel Association (SGA), has revealed that he has received "a very encouraging word from a Ukrainian leader in the church." He added, "For confidentiality and security reasons, I am withholding the name of the brother who sent it. Yet it strikes a note of hope in the sea of tension that has roiled Ukraine in recent days.

People supporting EU integration attend a rally at Independence Square in Kiev (Photo: Reuters / Vasily Fedosenko)

The message said, "God has given the Church the command to be light and salt in the earth. Even in the face of revolution in Ukraine, the Church continues to fulfill its mission and promote peace between conflicting parties.

"As anti-government protests spread throughout the country, last Friday our Prayer Group initiated a meeting between the All-Ukrainian Council of Church Leaders and Viktor Yanukovich, the president of Ukraine. The following day, a meeting took place with opposition leaders, and thus the church has become a peacemaker and mediator between the state and the people."

Dr. Provost then said, "The Church leaders urged all parties to recognize their responsibility for keeping the peace and unity of the country, and to find a compromise through constructive dialogue. These talks have helped to stop the violence and bloodshed, and we are beginning to see cautious movement of the parties towards each other. The parliament has agreed to amnesty protesters, amend the controversial anti-protest laws passed last week, and to reshuffle the government.

2) Protesters warm themselves up close to a fire at Independence Square in Kiev during a pro-European protests rally

"The 'Maidan,' or Independence Square, has a special tent that serves as a local church for those who want to pray and hear the Gospel. We use this as an opportunity to serve the people where they are. The Christian young people are giving away New Testaments to both protesters and the soldiers. Tens of thousands of New Testaments have been distributed and we pray that the Truth will set them free."

He went on to say that Christian doctors are serving the sick and wounded. They use this as a chance to talk about the one true Healer and His peace that our country so desperately needs. The Church is doing what it should do, and we ask you all to continue praying for Ukraine, and asking for God's wisdom for all parties involved in this difficult situation. Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord!

Dr. Provost concluded by saying, "At SGA, we are truly thankful for these developments, and join our Ukrainian brothers and sisters that peace and reconciliation indeed takes root. Please keep praying with us for Ukraine, and for the ongoing advance of the life-changing Gospel."

Note: Since 1934, SGA has been serving evangelical churches, helping make disciples of the people in the lands of Russia for our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, through prayer, strategic ministry and financial assistance.

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