2013 December

Christian Convert Transferred to Evin Prison's Ward 350; Two Christian Bloggers Arrested
Sudan Revokes Citizenship of Christian, Jails Him for Failing to Leave Country
Rumour of tryst triggers anti-Christian violence in Egypt village
Central African Republic unravels; U.N. sending more troops
Bible translator killed in Central African Republic
Asia: Six sex slaves find freedom in Christ
Assassination in Lebanon heightens tensions
Pakistan’s churches increase security after Peshawar blasts
UN endorses more military in Central African Republic
Uzbek believer beaten, denied medical help
Pakistan unlikely to change blasphemy law
UK Parliament is told Christianity is ‘most persecuted religion’
Nigeria’s Boko Haram strikes again in Cameroon
Ukraine’s government holds, protests continue
Ministry calls on U.S. church to respond to human trafficking
Christians getting bitten by Kazakhstan religion laws
12 nuns abducted as rebels recapture Maaloula
Chinese church protests against arrest of 23 members
Spiritual warfare rages in Iran
Ukraine protestors call for nationwide strike
U.S. war veteran Merrill Newman released by North Korea; Christian Kenneth Bae is still be held
Assemblies of God Pastor and Minister Released from Iran's Sepidar Prison in Awaz
Noted Convert in Egypt Arrested, Likely Tortured
Syria: Conflicting Reports about Missing Nuns
NEWS ALERT: Syria Militants Target Christian Schools
NEWS ALERT: Mounting Concern Over Abduction Syria Nuns
Pakistan: Lahore church provides aid to 'tortured and abducted' brick kiln workers
India: terror and impunity in hostile Rajasthan -- plus: updates on CAR and the LRA
American Pastor Saeed Abedini Robbed, Life Threatened, as Health Deteriorates in Deadly Iranian Prison
Pressure mounts on UN to refer Syria ‘war crimes’ to ICC

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