2013 October

Kazakhstan Pastor Arrested Again within Minutes as Suspected "Extremist"
Syria, Iran and the Shi'ite Crescent -- a call for enduring, strategic prayer
How a despairing, hate-filled Chinese freedom fighter found Christ
Syria: Leaving home
Tunisia avoids unrest of fellow Arab Spring countries despite frustrating pace
Links with Jihadists from Somalia Increasingly Bring Battle to Kenyan Soil
Vietnamese Religious Leaders Petition for Release of Young Prisoners of Conscience
North Korean Defectors to Testify at Hearing in British Parliament
Iranian Christian Prisoner in Evin Transferred to Hospital
Support Resolution H.R. 1771 North Korea Sanctions Enforcement Act
KAZAKHSTAN: Deportation Due to "Illegal Missionary Activity"
IRAQ: Trusting God Amidst Escalating Violence
Promised legal reforms disappoint Turkey’s religious minorities
Iraq: Sunni/Shi'ite battle intensifies, Christians flee to safer ground
‘Surprise’ release of Moroccan jailed for 30 months for evangelism
Catholic clerics mugged at gunpoint in Central African Republic
Priests murdered in Colombia buried amid community protests
Kenya Salvation Army Church Torched; Four Killed
Persecution of Christians Increases Sharply in Karnataka
Health of Jailed Iranian Christian ‘Deteriorating’
Morocco ‘Temporarily’ Frees Evangelist From Prison
Indonesia Christians Sentenced For Evangelism; US Under Pressure
The Modi Operandi of Nahendra Modi--Watching India -- elections 2014
India: BJP pursues votes in Uttar Pradesh
Peaceful Protests in Sudan Continue Amidst Crackdown
Egypt Detains Suspects After Bishop Survives Assassination Attempt
Bangladeshi Christians told to close church, convert to Islam
Pakistan: A tragic homecoming
Pakistan: A demonstration turns into a riot
Pakistan: A renewed debate over blasphemy laws

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