2013 October

'Pakistani minorities to face more persecution after 2014', says well-known journalist
Kazakhstan; plus Central Asia's complex reality -- a call to pray for justice, security and religious liberty in Central Asia
Police in India Rebuke, Threaten Pastor for Reporting Vicious Beating
NEWS WATCH: Hungary’s Ruling Party Condemns Far-Right Antisemitism
Vietnam Detains Dozens Of Pastors, Church Leaders
Iran ‘abuses’ Christians’ national and international rights
Saudi Arabia: Hajj nearing end; call to prayer for Christians
Church leaders plead for action in the Central African Republic
Russia: Pray for end of 'psychiatric treatment' trend
China: Zhang Jiakun, an Unsung Hero
Huge Massacre in North Korea's Killing Fields
Christians Threatened After Mourning Suicide Attack Victims; Pastor Detained
As chaos surrounds Israel, how do believers fare?
African migrants risk lives to flee war and persecution
China Releasing Christian Rights Activist
Gospel for Asia Calls for Prayer as Effects of Major Cyclone Aimed at India’s East Coast Predicted to be Worse than Hurricane Katrina
Appeal Postponed for Moroccan Convert from Islam Sentenced for 'Proselytizing'
European Parliament Calls for Release of American Pastor Saeed Abedini
Christian Human Rights Group Calls on UN General Assembly to Address Violations of Freedom of Religion or Belief in Burma
SYRIA: A New Road to Damascus
NIGERIA: Innocent Civilians Killed in Recent Extremist Raids
Trial date set for ousted Egyptian president
Nigeria: Twenty-five Christian buildings marked for demolition
Kazakh pastor faces new charges
Kenya: Tension high as Mombasa Muslims protest cleric’s murder
International Campaign Launches to Save North Korean Refugees
Do Christians have a future in the Middle East?
Central Asia: Christian man prays for the men stoning him
India: Upcoming political change triggers a rise in persecution
The stresses of Evin Prison often fall upon active Christians in Iran

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